100% real wood
Built by hand
Since 1938
© Lugnås Gitarr AB
Established in 1938 by Hans Persson, the Lugnås guitar factory in Sweden has produced more than 45 000 guitars under its own brands Swedtone and Lugnås, and for reputable Swedish brands Levin, Goya, Ahlander and Steiner.

Renowned for their playability, tone, and durability, Lugnås-made guitars serve for generations.

Lugnås is the only remaining guitar factory in Scandinavia. The traditional manufacturing method ensures that the production process, the selection of raw materials, and the finished instruments meet the highest quality standards.

Lugnås guitars are made of 100% real wood. And they are built to be played by your grandchildren.

Hand made in Sweden
The real thing
Our new Lugnås model